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Tell a Friend About Ixquick

Want to share the news about Ixquick's power and great results, all delivered under the world's most protective Privacy Policy?

Just fill in your friend's name and email address, and we will send the email from you about Ixquick.
(We won't use your friend's or your email address for any other purpose.)

The subject line will say Recommendation, and the message will read:

Dear [name],

Take a look at Ixquick.com, a powerful search engine that helps you search the Web with total privacy!
Ixquick's results are highly accurate and can handle the most complicated searches.

Here are some of Ixquick's powerful, privacy-protecting features:

  • No IP address recorded
  • No record is made of your searches
  • No identifying or tracking cookies used
  • Default SSL encryption
  • Powerful, easy to use proxy available
  • Praised by privacy experts worldwide
  • Fourteen-year company track record
  • Third-party certified

Ixquick and its sister website, Startpage.com, are the most powerful and private search engine alternatives available on the Internet.
So give the big guys the heave-ho and try Ixquick today. If you like what you see, it's easy to add it to your browser or make it your home page: www.ixquick.com

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