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Ixquick (www.ixquick.com) is a powerful meta-search engine, launched on the Web in 1998 and available in 17 languages.
Ixquick.com is owned by Surfboard Holding BV, a Dutch company that is privately held. It's goal is delivering it's users the most relevant search result while offering the best possible privacy. Commercialization only takes place through the use of - clearly labeled - sponsored results. Both Ixquick.com and Surfboard Holding have been profitable since 2002.

Contact Information:
Surfboard Holding B.V.
Postbus 1079
3700 BB Zeist
The Netherlands

U.S. Contact Person:
Dr. Katherine Albrecht
U.S. Media Relations
877-434-3100 [toll free]
+1 973-273-2125 [international access]

E.U. Contact person:
Alex van Eesteren
Sales & Business Development

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